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I suppose this should even out over a few видеорегистратор insider mx 6, still I do not have a видеорегистратор xpx zx47 view on the fundamentals and therefore would only hold for a mean reversion. The MX-6 lasted untilwith the last few rolling out of dealers in I am merely identifying insider trading patterns and looking at some basic info related to those companies, and if available adding analysis done in other articles directly linked to the company, to better score the value of such insider transactions.

I have looked at the SEC reported insider transactions over the last two months report date. The final list includes companies based on the insider activity rank, which might or might not lead to an immediate action. Following a quarter that beat expectations, the guidance came in weak and sent the stock down. Insiders have made the first purchases of officers since which shows renewed confidence in the company. The technical picture is still weak so there does not seem to be any rush in to the stock.

It operates through the following segments: Las Vegas, Other U. The All Other segment includes managed and international properties as well as other business, such as Caesars Interactive Entertainment. These are the first purchases of officers since , so should be significant. But there is probably not a near-term catalyst, these are long-term confidence signals that might take a few quarters to play out. Chart looks weak, expecting another run towards 9 or thereabouts before this turn around.

No rush to enter. Due to the bankruptcy, this fundamental picture is obviously a bit messy. It is my understanding they are guiding weak due to fewer big events in the coming quarter. I suppose this should even out over a few quarters, still I do not have a particular view on the fundamentals and therefore would only hold for a mean reversion. This is one of those companies I struggle a bit from a fundamental side to buy in to their prospects given they are competing vs.

But this is not primarily a fundamentally based portfolio I am running. Still, the fundamental picture is not impressive but the insider conviction is and has been winning historically. Agilysys is a technology company. It offers innovative software for point-of-sale, payment gateway, reservation and table management, guest offers management, property management, inventory and procurement, analytics, document management, and mobile and wireless solutions and services to the hospitality industry.

It also serves the gaming for both corporate and tribal; hotels resort and cruise; foodservice management; and restaurants, universities, stadia, and healthcare sectors. The CEO is really showing confidence in this company. He has previously made purchases following quarterly earnings as well, and those have turned out very profitable. The stock had a good run in to the earnings report and has come down a bit since then.

It seems the consolidation could continue for a bit. I would buy this at I was surprised to see the low growth in revenues in this company. Coming back to my initial skepticism about smaller companies in this highly competitive software space, this makes me cautious. That is why my trade approach will be cautious and only enter on a dip to This is the most interesting case of the week. Insiders have gone from clear selling at 3x higher prices to buying.

The wide range of insiders and significant size of transactions strengthens the screening further. Technically the stock seems to be resting at the bottom of its recent range and longer-term trend. Its primary technologies is comprised of metal organic chemical vapor deposition, advanced packaging lithography, wet etch and clean, laser annealing, ion beam, molecular beam epitaxy, wafer inspection, and atomic layer deposition systems.

This company has seen a wide mix of activity over the last years, with the right sequence, going from only selling early and since then only buying transactions from a wide range of insiders. This is clearly opportunistic behavior. Looking at the year chart, clear downtrend, this stock needs to bounce here at the lower range of its downtrend channel.

They are in a very competitive business and have recently faced challenges within its main LED business. Three trim levels were available on the A-spec models:. In , the second-generation MX6 was refreshed with different five-spoke alloy wheels, twin airbags, and emissions changes. Known as the "GE2", this model ran until Built from in Japan, for Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, compared to the A-spec, the E-spec has different headlights a two-piece projector setup giving far greater lighting and taillights, different front and rear bumpers, fog lights, wing-mirrors power and heated , steering wheel, interior trim, and alloys as standard.

The side indicator lights were mounted behind the front wheels, and no corner bumper lights were used. The engine was the same as the U. In Australia, the MX-6 was released in November Only one trim was available. Equipped with the KL-DE 2. September was the release of the GE2 update model. The MX-6 lasted until , with the last few rolling out of dealers in The last one rolled off the assembly line on June 20, This version was also released in , and is very similar to the E-spec as they are built in the same place , but with minor changes.

One-piece headlights were fitted, with indicators incorporated in the fog light housing, as well as a different rear bumper with smaller registration plate cutout, similar to the A-spec. Almost everything was an option, but the 4WS was available, as well as the digital climate control, electric folding mirrors, larger centre console, and of course, the Mazdaspeed body add-ons — a subtle lip kit with Supra-style high-rise rear spoiler. Engine choice was the KL-ZE 2. Although the displacement was the same, the KLZE had more durations on the cams, higher compression due to a different shape of pistons, and the intake manifold was different on the ZE.

Also, the heads on the KL-ZE were ported and shaped differently. Not only was the ZE higher in compression, but it was also a higher-revving engine. The only flaws in the KL-ZE design were the weaker valve springs on the intake valves.

This is usually corrected by using the KL-DE springs, keepers, and retainers which are stronger. Four-wheel steering 4WS was available on both the first-generation and second-generation MX-6 models, although the North American market only received it for the GT model. The system electronically controlled a rear rack that was behind the rear wheels. Above these speeds, the rear wheels move in the same direction as the front, meaning control during high-speed maneuvers such as lane changes or cornering was improved.

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