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В школах по-прежнему просят деньги на ремонт и учебники. I have learn some excellent stuff here.

Galileo hazarded the guess that different states of heat in objects must be different rates of motion of the tiny particles that make up the cruder entities we call objects. Galileo regards these latter as causally prior to the others, which exist only in us, as a result of the working of these real qualities upon our sensory apparatus. Hence the jargon of "primary" and "secondary" qualities.

The world, whatever it is in itself, discloses itself to us only through experiences we have that exhibit temporal and spatial aspects. But what we experience is what our nature converts whatever is out there into, for us, and can never be taken to be an aspect of "things in themselves. But these modes are characteristic of us as subjects, not objective properties of the world of objects in themselves. That is why in our course we are not going to take up a selection from one of his philosophical treatises, but will confine ourselves to a famous essay he wrote for a newspaper directed at the non-specialist reading public.

Before proceeding to that, though, we need to note a couple of additional points. One is that one of the results of his approach was to show that certain central problems of traditional "metaphysics" were in principle incapable of being solved. But this means that answers pro or con concerning them can necessarily never aspire to being knowledge.

Now that in turn means that certain basic elements of the Judeo Christian religious outlook are relegated strictly to faith -- and in a way that makes "faith" indistinguishable from logically just "begging the question. But if faith itself is basically an expression of wishes, desire, and fears, it finds itself embarrassed within the context of the very religious tradition which had elevated it as both Catholicism and Protestantism do as an essential factor in salvation.

For within that same religious tradition, passions, desires and fears and self-regarding wishes in general are held in suspicion, as expressions of concupiscence. As already mentioned, Kant did not confine his attention solely to philosophy of science and metaphysics. He also set out, in his Critique of Practical Reason and in his Fundamentals of the Metaphysic of Morals to examine whether ethics -- like science, but unlike metaphysics -- can be shown to rest upon a rational foundation.

He used the term "categorical imperative" to refer to obligations that are binding upon rational agents in any situation whatever. Imperatives that are binding "categorically," in contrast, are binding period. One formulation he gives the categorical imperative is: An example of a maxim that is ruled ou t by this formula is the principle that we should keep our promises when it is in our interests to do so, but should break them whenever doing so would be to our advantage.

Kant points out how the categorical imperative applies to this principle as a candidate for being recognized as a moral principle: It is, he says, logically impossible for one to will that everyone break promises when it suits since one could not do so if there were no promises in the first place. Instead we need to note what Kant was seeking to do -- what the nature of his project was.

It was a project that would make no sense to St. Augustine, to Thomas Aquinas, to Luther, to Calvin, or to a pope. The criterion he appealed to for doing this was that any ethical principle be universal , that is, that it apply equally to everyone. In the moral sphere there are no special privileges for "nobles. Kant was thus thoroughly in sympathy with the aims of the French Revolution, which enunciated the famous Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen -- declaring the equalit y of all before the law on the basis of natura l rights.

For it is by Reason that we can agree, Kant holds, that a maxim like the one about breaking promises when convenient cannot be consistently be willed to be universal. Such appeals themselves, in any case, inevitably beg the question at issue, and this because they require commitments on "metaphysical" issues that are intrinsically incapable of being solved by rational means.

To do this is to open the door to being arbitrary and capricious, and in the end to be able to prevail only by resort to violence when confronted with other people who do not accept say the divinity of Jesus, or the prophet-hood of Mohammed. Keep in mind, then, where Kant believes his following his own reason leads, together with his conviction that reason considered as a capacity, though not necessarily as an actively realized skill is a faculty shared among all non-impaired human beings, by nature.

While much of his major work still lay in the future, his Critique of Pure Reason had already appeared, and his reputation in Europe was made. The Revolution in France, too, was still to come. But the assumptions shared by many of its major actors are clear to be seen -- even on the other side of Europe.

Bobbs-Merrill, , p. Prentice-Hall, , p. A Comprehensive Anthology New York: Simon and Schuster, , p. The Roman poet Horace, writing during the reign of the Emperor Augustus, composes the Epistles to the Pisos , also known subsequently as the Ars Poetica the Art of Poetry , three verse letters consisting of almost 30 maxims for the guidance of young poets. Important notices like changes in assignments will be transmitted to you via e-mail from the class roster at online.

It will be a disaster if you are not on the mailing list for the listserv. Here are some essential precautions you must take in order to make sure you are not left out of the loop:. If you have a question for me that has to do with your grade, or your uncertainty about what an assignment means, simply write me an e-mail message at lyman ksu. Our Discussion Board also known as the "Message Board" for the course will be an important resource for carrying on discussions out of class.

As explained in the memo on grades , your participation on the Discussion Board will bear in a substantial way on your total points in the course. This is not an extra-credit feature, but required. Apart from this, however, your active participation in discussion will strengthen your intellectual skills of analysis and integration in general, and enhance your understanding of the facts and issues that it is our business here to grapple with. The more you participate, the better you will do on the examinations in any case.

You should thus work to overcome any shyness you may feel about expressing yourself in class. You may not cease to be shy, but you can refuse to be ruled by your shyness. On the other hand, you may well discover that the more you share your questions and opinions and speculations, the less shy you feel. You should definitely make sure that you contribute to the discussions that take place on the web discussion board.

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